2015 Pape Chevrolet North American Championships

2015 North Americans

Will you be in the US in September this year, maybe you would like to enter or maybe just stop by and have a look. The 2015 Pape Chevrolet North American Championships will include 3.5 days of great racing, multiple nights of live entertainment at Portland Yacht Club, many complimentary beverages and meals including Saturday night’s famous traditional Maine lobster bake with lobster, corn, potato, steamers, and more…

J24 Fleet 43 and the organizing committee of the annual J/24 Downeast Regatta, which has been held for over 20 years on Casco Bay, Maine, is excited to invite you to the 2015 Pape Chevrolet J/24 North American Championships. The event is being hosted by Portland Yacht Club, Handy Boat Service and J24 Fleet 43. The dates of the event are; racing - Thursday September 10th through Sunday September 13th.    Limited to 50 boats !!!!

For more information go to the website    http://www.2015j24nas.org/

National Champs – Day Four, the Final Result

‘When you have got it flaunt it’ and that’s just what ‘The Black Prince of Sandringham’ in Pacemaker did in the last race today. With the series win in the bag after two wins this morning they were spectators at the last start, watching the fleet sail off while they cruised home to early celebratory drinks. Well done Dave, congratulations to you and your crew, Herschel, Rachael, Sam and Luke.

This morning the real race was for second, third and fourth with Doug Watson (El Fideldo), Brendan Lee (By the Lee) and Simon Grain (Code Violation) all in with a chance on second and third. Simon Grain scared the other two enough with two seconds behind Dave’s two firsts in the first two races that they both pounced on the poor blighter from Sandy and after a dump on Simon First leg, Code was out the back. A certain discard for sure and made certain by an unfortunate bottom mark rounding when Lisa on the foredeck got hit by the kite pole and covered the deck and her white top with an alarming shade of red. Retired hurt – but you have to look after the ladies faces ! Doug Watson put in a stellar performance to take out the race and the second overall from Brendan with Simon in fourth. A long jump back to Kirsty Harris in Hyperactive and Ron Thompson in Kicking. Rob Hogan coming in 7th making the famous Cookie Monster get up and fly with a best place 2nd in the regatta, “good to see that old sun umbrella kite go Rob” and Dave Mackay from Cronulla, our newest ‘circuit devotee’ in Stockcar coming home 8th.

Unfortunately after an enormous effort in training and preparation program prior to the nationals our Victorian President Doug MacGregor got a hit from the boom and has now gained a few stitches but lost a couple of teeth, tough luck and a bad end to a good campaign, but Doug will be back with that Scottish vigor and determination we all see in him. Our thoughts are with you Doug. Maybe a trip to Thailand coming up – I hear the teeth are good and cheap there.

The Performance Handicap winner is Janette Syme with a well deserved win over new comer Steve O’Rourke and his crew of grandkids (well done Steve, your competitive spirit and attendance at the regatta is much appreciated by the class and we look forward to see you again in the circuit. Janette arrived in the heat before the regatta and rubbed the black antifoul off the bottom of Foolish Behaviour prior to the start – our own little coal miner !  Go Janette – we love you sailing the J’s with us. Next big gig is the Vic States – 18th April. (SA States possibly the last weekend in Feb, but yet to be confirmed). Rob Hogan in Cookie Monster took out 3rd from Helen Wilmer in Good Company in fourth.

This year’s Thommo Cup was taken out by big brother, a bit monotonous, but Ron is just a bit competitive over little sister, must be some other way to do the Thommo Cup.

The class showed a great deal of appreciation for the efforts of SA President Jim Townsend and wife Robin and his team in putting the regatta and the class back together in SA – we can’t say enough thanks for all your effort. Thank you to all the CYCSA members and volunteers in helping to put the Nationals together and making it a well run and smooth operation.

Are you reading this and thinking we had a story there too – send it to me and it goes online. My take on it all isn’t the only viewpoint so send them in for all to read.

Well Steve – there goes the title, gone without a fight. The Vic States will be bigger than ever this year and we look forward to seeing you back on the startline.

For final results go to http://www.cycsa.com.au/results.html


National Champs – Day Three

More overcast grey skies today, suiting the Black Prince of Sandringham perfectly with 3 bullets added to his score. With the first drop coming into effect today, his score of 11 is half that of Brendan Lee (SYC) on 23 points. Doug Watson, Adelaide’s leading skipper is third with Simon Grain (SYC) now forth after an ordinary day. Sandringham boats fill 6 of the first 7 places, so the competitive fleet at SYC shows it’s worth.

The most novel picture was Jeanette Syme sailing around before the start in the rain under an umbrella at the back of the boat.

Today’s first race started in very light conditions with a swing to the left and an increase of breeze to around 18 knots, catching some of the fleet unawares, but giving a fast and exciting kite ride back to the finish. Finishing order was Dave Suda, Doug Watson, Ron Thompson.

Race two and we had a shifty SE breeze of around 15knots. Once again banging the beach proved to be the way to go and even some of the locals didn’t take their own advice on going left. Dougie Watson telling me that for 4 years he has sailed here and knows the left rule like the back of his hand. Why did I go right twice ? he asked me. Finishing order was Dave Suda,  Brendan Lee, Simon Grain.

Race three and the wind had lightened off so much that it was almost a drifter off the start with many people calling it a lottery. didn’t bother the Black Prince though as he scooted off to a 3rd win of the day in a shortened race. The planned race 4 was not held due to the lack of wind and interest.  Finishing order was Dave Suda, Rob Hogan (Cookie Monster), Dave McKay (Stockcar).

Performance Handicap is being lead by Jeanette Syme in Foolish Behavour from Rob Hogan in Cookie Monster and Helen Wilmer in Good Company.

Full results available on http://www.cycsa.com.au/results.html


National Champs – Day Two

Overcast skies all day with a building SE breeze gave the nationals competitors a great day’s racing without the heat and burning sun of the past few days. Around 8-10 knots breeze and flat water for the first race and ending up with the whole fleet on jibs in around 20 knots.

The normal ‘bang the left’ rules applied today with boats getting big lifts along the beach to a top mark down towards Largs. Racing is very close with the top boats getting around in a very tight group and the bulk of the back following closely behind.

Results are not online yet due to a protest. Today’s race winners are Doug Watson in El Fideldo, Brendan Lee in By the Lee and two races to Dave Suda in Pacemaker. Overall leader is Doug Watson, followed by Simon Grain and Dave Suda.

Check back a bit later here or on http://www.cycsa.com.au/results.html   for updated full results.

National Champs – Day One

Day one has got off to an interesting start with more protests that races held.

After a very stormy morning today following two 38 deg days previously that have had those preparing their boats spending unusually large amounts of time falling about with heat stress and consuming large amounts of water rather than beer, racing got going with a huge black wall of cloud to the north of the race track. The breeze was a light and variable 13knots, flat seas and warm muggy temp, champagne sailing really.

Dave Suda won the first race from Simon Grain sailing Code Violation but is on the receiving end of a multi-boat protest at the top mark for a port and starboard in the second race. At least 4 protests are in already and I believe there may be more to come – busy night in the committee room !

Code Violation was leading all the way round the track in the second race before falling into a hole 100m from the finish and having 3 boats sail around them as the breeze died. Brendan Lee took out the second race from Doug Watson, Dave Suda and Code.

For more details and full results go to the CYCSA site at http://www.cycsa.com.au/results.html   then click on the ‘Results for the 14-15 season link and then J24 Nationals link near the bottom.

Note that as of writing the results are provisional due to the protests.

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J24 One Design in Melbourne. Racing at its absolute best.

Sunday 9th November.  Fourteen J24s on the water.  Seventy Sailors.  Blue skies.  Perfect winds.  Three blistering races.  And excellent race management.  The most active keelboat class on the bay ‘giein’ it laldy’ as they say in Scotland.  Was a state titles?  Was it a National Championship?  Was it a regatta?  Nope…just a normal J24 Sunday race day!

As predicted, this season is turning out to be like no previous J24 season.  The days when Pacemaker would win race after race by ten boat lengths are gone.  There are now any one of five boats who can win a race and the latest development is that even some of the historic middle markers are popping up at the pointy end.  There now is no boat that is noticeably quicker than any other and the J24s are now producing racing that is all about seamanship, tactics, crew work and reading the shifts.  Feel like you are missing out?  Rob Date (Victorian Ocean Racer Of The Year and owner/skipper of Scarlet Runner) doesn’t, he skippered Hyperactive for a sprint day.  Albert Doggett (Fast Company) doesn’t, he trimmed on Crackerjack.  Geoff Wood (Fast Company and Calm) doesn’t, he trimmed on Crackerjack earlier in the season.  Marissa Chalkley (owns Hush) doesn’t, she crews on Jet.  Husband Pete Chalkley and Marissa both crewed on Code Violation in the NSW state titles.  Peter Fitzgibbons “Fitzy” (Veloce) doesn’t, he crews on J Force.  Joelle Roderick (38 degrees) doesn’t, she crews on Hyperactive…hey, the list is long and I don’t want to lose you dear reader but you’ve just got to try this stuff!

Final point.  Fourteen boats on the water at Sandringham Yacht Club.  That’s more than the J24 Nationals in Sydney earlier this year, it’s more than the NSW State Titles held a couple of weeks ago and its 82% of our available racing fleet.  Fantastic numbers in anyone’s book.

NOTE. There are three J’s for sale in Melbourne … two under $15,000 and one available at the top end.  Just sayin’.

Doug MacGregor, President J24 Association Victoria

One with the lot … thanks

Pictures next week we hope so do come back !

This year’s NSW States offered something for everyone, or in reality everything for everyone. From almost no wind in race 4 on Sunday morning to around 60knots in Saturday arvo’s thunderstorm, along with lightning, thunder and rain … a good decision by the race committee to close the show down after race 3.

Saturday always looked like being windy, jib weather from way back – although there were a couple of genoas being stretched on the course, the comment was that they weren’t really any advantage though. Looks like there were a couple of people taking a swim too, Sean lost Big Tim and one of the girls over the side when the lifeline let go. The default question was why the other two weren’t hiking hard enough to go in with them …. mmm questions being asked !  I heard Jeanette also had a swimmer but don’t have the details. Tricky sailing with really shifty westerlies and a start line deep in Rose bay to a top mark to the north of Shark Is. Race two and a course change saw us and a couple of others head out to the left only to find that the top mark hadn’t moved more than a boat length, so we had a reach in around the island back to the top mark …. so much for thinking I had picked a winner there !

We were having our own little problems on Code, the boat hadn’t been raced for a couple of years and we had a few boat issues, new crew (Trimmer Pete is used to steering a bigger boat and our training prior was in everything under 5knots and how to use a motor to get back home) and of course the weather and the bloke on the helm – no wonder we won the handicap prize. But seriously we improved with every race untill the last two and I have to thank my crew for the huge effort in getting up from Melbourne and racing the boat, as usual we had fun and when you aren’t winning, that is what sailing is all about.

Race 2 gave us all a chance to go downwind in a big breeze (for a change) and many boats took the no kite option … Terry, next time I am risking the national debt with the kite and you are coasting along without one at the same speed next to me, could you just please move away so it isn’t so obvious ! Jeanette Syme sailing Brett Hudson’s Wildfire (with Brett in the crew said, “it was a bit hair raising on Saturday, especially squalls on the downwind, I was surprised to see my battered and bruised team turn up on Sunday – but their moral usually lifts after a good flogging! And poor Elena slipped in after a big westerley lift dropped into a knock and we fell over to windward with 6 and came up with 5. She was such a trooper smiling all the way!”

But of course the front of the fleet is sailing away from us at light speed and as usual the bloody Black Prince is up there and will ask ‘where was I’ later, but this time he’s not getting it all his own way. Steve Girdis has gone cycling on pain of death from someone and Robbie Brewer is out of retirement and driving Convicts and driving well, with two to one on Dave in Kaotic, he is the day winner. In fact we are all winners when most of us get home before the next storm cell hits. So glad we are not racing in that. Not without some drama at the club and round the corner for the boats going back to the CYC though. It’s as black as … and then white, as the 60knot front of the thunderstorm lifts the top 2 feet of water into the air around the boats in pleasant little Felix Bay. Some of us got ashore  … and some didn’t. Vortex went ashore too, well done Sean in the crew tender turned rescue boat dragging Vortex off in the height of the storm. Sean, yes that’s the Commodore, organiser, tender driver, boat rescuer, crew rescuer and the guy that also comes 3rd  - makes me feel very humble !

Check this out  http://youtu.be/eLcBjieN-H0

This year we have 4 boats from Cronulla, the fast developing fleet down in the ‘Shire’. One might say a mixed bag of boats and sailors like anywhere, but a great group of guys and girls that love a good time and some hard racing. It’s been a process to get them to the harbour but 3 have sailed up and Dave Mackay has trailed. Dave is the guy that won the big one in the Moths some … well quite some years ago. Known affectionately as “Magoo” and with a sense of humour that instantly puts you at ease and laughing, he is no slug on the race course and comes home 4th overall in Stockcar. Welcome to our world Dave, hope you come and play more often. And that goes for all our new friends at Cronulla, Barry Ryan in Pinot, Clinton Hood in CJ Constructions and Mick Reynolds in Slippery Fish who has worked so hard to get the Cronulla Js into class racing with us. Lets get more of you to come and play.

Sunday has dawned sunny and with a dropping westerly breeze, very shifty and getting very light, the Black Prince sailing Arthur Crother’s Kaotic with a mixed crew out of Melbourne bangs in another win to make the tally 2 all with Convicts. We drift around for a little while as the wind tries to make up it’s mind. Finally the wind changes to a south east breeze, settling down and offering great top end genoa racing for the last two …. or was that the last 5 races.

Three practice starts in the last race had the RO threatening the black flag and that was enough to finally get a clean start away. Convicts they might be, but they nailed the last two and it was a done deal. Robbie Brewer and team on Convicts Revenge taking it out from Dave Suda on Kaotic and the Commodore on Sailpac coming in 3rd.

The team on Code Violation won the Zimmer Frame with Barry Ryan in Pinot and Geoff Cowen in Nokomis 2nd and 3rd.

Congratulations to Kate Holmes for being awarded the Women on Water Trophy for many years of attendance and effort with Jeanette on various boats. No Thommo Cup this year as Ron didn’t show, so I guess Jeanette keeps it by default.

Thanks to the team at RPEYC, the NSW Association, the help at the crane at RANSA and the effort from the Cronulla guys to get there, all the Sydney guys and girls that turn up and race and thanks to all the volunteers and friendly smiling faces that made the regatta an event we look forward to.

If you want to add your own comments or pics about the regatta send them to me and I will put them online. Cheers Simon

NSW J24 State Championships 2014


NSW J24 State Championship at RPEYC  – 1 & 2 November 2014
Sail No Yacht Name Skipper Club R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 Total Place
4771 Convicts Revenge Stephen Girdis CYCA 1 2 1 3 1 1 6 1
4770 Kaotic Arthur Crothers MHYC 3 1 4 1 3 2 10 2
5085 Sailpac Tim Briggs CYCA 7 3 3 2 4 3 15 3
144 Stockcar Dave Mackay Cronulla SC 2 5 9 6 6 4 23 4
4796 Vortex Chris & Rachel Lee MHYC 5 6 2 5 8 6 24 5
4793 Innamincka John Crawford MHYC 4 7 5 7 7 5 28 6
4851 Nokomis Geoff Cowen CYCA 6 4 8 8 2 9 28 7
4792 Code Violation Simon Grain SYC 9 8 6 4 5 8 31 8
4430 Pinot Barry Ryan Cronulla SC 8 12 7 10 10 7 42 9
5058 Wildfire Brett Hudson MHYC 10 10 10 13 9 10 49 10
1635 CJ Construction Clinton Hood Cronulla SC 12 9 12 9 11 12 53 11
5247 Starpac T Wise CYCA 13 11 11 12 13 11 58 12
1646 Slippery Fish Michael Reynolds Cronulla SC 11 13 14 11 12 13 60 13


4792 Code Violation Simon Grain 1st place
4430 Pinot Barry Ryan 2nd Place
4851 Nokomis Geoff Cowen 3rd Place

The first placing boat that is kept in a boat bag is Kaotic, and the highest placing boat that’s antifouled is CJ Constructions.

This year the J24 Women on Water Trophy was presented to Kate Holmes for consistent efforts crewing for Janette Syme’s crew at regattas in NSW and interstate.

The J24 Association of NSW would like to extend thanks to the Lapstone Hotel for sponsoring the event.